The very well-regarded puzzle game Patrick's Parabox will be making its way to PS5 next week on 26 July 2023. A brain-teasing title all about boxes, you'll need to manoeuvre in and out of them to solve puzzles by pushing boxes into and out of other boxes. Check out the trailer above to see the concept in action.

Across 350 levels, developer Patrick Taylor claims there's "no filler" as every puzzle introduces a new idea or twist. It will cost $19.99 when it launches on the PS Store next week, bringing a title with a Metacritic rating of 84 and "overwhelmingly positive" user reviews on Steam.

A verdict from Rock Paper Shotgun said: "There's just so much to admire and delight in here, and lemme tell you, the puzzles I can't talk about are just chefkiss.gif genius. Truly wonderful stuff. Just when you think you've got the measure of where this box shuffler's going, it pulls the recursive rug out from under you and captivates you all over again. Given what we're dealing with here, I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say this is an infinitely pleasing puzzle game."

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