We've been keeping a close eye on Fate/Samurai Remnant for a while now, and we're comfortable saying that the upcoming action RPG looks very promising. Publisher Koei Tecmo hosted a presentation for the game at the recent Fate/Grand Order Fes in Japan, giving us our first look at raw gameplay.

You can find said gameplay footage in the video we've embedded above. The first segment starts at 31:29, and the second begins at 42:14.

We get glimpses of town exploration as well as a couple of combat encounters. The title's got a lovely art direction, while battles seem to have serious potential. As previously reported, combat revolves around being able to unleash special attacks through Saber, your all-powerful servant. You can temporarily swap between protagonist Miyamoto and Saber during a fight, and even combine their abilities when to going gets tough.

The second gameplay demo introduces franchise mainstay Cu Chulainn, a third playable hero who seems to add another layer of tactical depth to the combat system. We're getting slight Final Fantasy 7 Remake vibes.

What do you make of Fate/Samurai Remnant so far? The game's set to release on the 29th September, but are you looking forward to it? Hone your skills with a blade in the comments section below.

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