PS5 Action RPG The God Slayer Could Be Incredible, But Is Not Due Until 2027 1

Sony announced a new, potentially jaw-dropping addition to its China Hero Project overnight – but don’t expect to play it until at least 2027 at the earliest. The God Slayer, in development at My Time at Sandrock maker Pathea Games, is being billed as an action RPG – and judging by the first images, it looks like a stark departure for the team, with a historical fantasy vibe.

The key art shows a robed character summoning fire from his hands as he comes face-to-face with a traditional Chinese-style dragon. But some in-game screenshots show a muddy settlement and a lady in historical dress. PlayStation is working alongside the developer to bring the game to life, but clearly this is very early days as there’s at least four years of production ahead.

Obviously it’s exciting to see Sony partnering with new studios, especially in countries like China, where there’s a lot of fledgling talent looking to be nurtured. We’re not going to be adding this one to our wishlist until it’s made a bit more progress, but it’s potentially something to look forward to in the latter stages of the generation.