Atlas Fallen File Size PS5

Headlines are made whenever a new game comes saddled with a huge file size, so it's nice to report on a title that's keeping things comparatively slim. Atlas Fallen may not be an all-encompassing AAA release, but its file size is still pleasingly light on PS5. The action RPG will reportedly weigh in at a slender 21GB on Sony's current-gen console (as per the ever-reliable PlayStation Game Size, via Insider Gaming).

If you've been sticking with your PS5's standard SSD, then that number's probably a sight for sore eyes. Indeed, we've grown somewhat accustomed to titles racking up hefty file sizes. Just recently, blockbusters like Final Fantasy 16 and Diablo 4 have hit the 90GB mark — and you won't be fitting many of them on a 800GB drive!

Are you happy to hear that Atlas Fallen is a comparative lightweight? Don't feel the need to free up too much space in the comments section below.

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