The PixelJunk series has brought us many delightful games in various genres, one of the most memorable being PixelJunk Eden. It's an airy, chilled-out platformer that's all about swinging between plants, gathering pollen, and enjoying the music. It got a sequel a few years ago, aptly titled PixelJunk Eden 2. While it skipped PlayStation platforms at the time, the game is making its way to PS5 and PS4 at last.

You can see what it's all about in the above trailer. Much like the first game, this looks to be a relaxed platforming experience in which you explore vivid, eye-catching gardens and swing around like a tiny Spider-Man.

Playing as a Grimp, you can jump and swing through the plants gathering pollen, which will see the whole level react and change. You'll also unlock new abilities as you meet other Grimps. Combined with spices that can enhance your powers, you can enter levels with some souped-up abilities and improve your scores.

On PS5, the game is presented in 4K, which we're sure will look amazing on a game like this. Additionally, the DualSense will light up to reflect what's happening onscreen, and haptic feedback has also been implemented.

There's no date on the PS5 and PS4 versions of the game, but it will launch "later this year". Are you excited to play PixelJunk Eden 2? Swing by the comments section below.