PAYDAY 3 PS5 PlayStation

PAYDAY 3 is slated to score its biggest haul yet, with the high-stakes cooperative heist game coming to PS5 on 24th September. PlayStation players hoping to get in a job or two during the upcoming closed beta session (2nd-7th August) will have to look elsewhere, however, as publisher Deep Silver and developer Starbreeze have announced that only PC and Xbox platforms would be eligible.

No reason is given; the PS5 is just not mentioned, and it's possible another session is slated before launch. If you're interested and have access to either platform, you can request beta access from the game page (Steam example), which will be approved randomly, with more slots opening throughout the week. In PAYDAY 3, players can run missions solo, but the game requires a constant internet connection, a surefire way to annoy a segment of any player base.

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