The first instalment in a three-part animated Overwatch series called Genesis, which debuts this week on YouTube, on 6th July. This series will further flesh out Overwatch's colourful in-game universe, detailing events before the Omnic Crisis uprising, when sentient Omnic robots rose up against their human creators.

The deep and constantly developing backstory of the Overwatch universe is a big draw for many players, with each character having their own detailed bio, backstory and motivations. But until now, the exploration of those backstories has primarily been done through excellent CG-animated shorts. If you can't wait to see Blizzard's sci-fi world expand still further, the animation looks fantastic and well worth checking out when it drops.

Do you play Overwatch for the story? Will you be tuning into Genesis when it debuts? Let us know why they can't all just get along in the comments section below.