Publisher Nacon has released a new trailer for its upcoming tough terrain driving title, Overpass 2. The game was announced a while back, but with this new video, it appears the release date has been brought forward. Initially scheduled for a late October date, the sequel will now be arriving on PS5 on 28th September.

The original Overpass on PS4 has players at the wheel of ATVs and buggies across rough, rocky landscapes, battling physics and overcoming the challenging terrain through careful driving. The concept seems pretty good but the execution was somewhat lacking. This upcoming sequel aims to refine the formula with "improved graphics, enhanced physics, new vehicles and terrains".

It's set to feature various vehicle classes, dozens of tracks across five locations, and a handful of modes to master. With a game like this, though, it's all in how it feels to play, so we'll have to wait and see if this delivers.

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