Sony has today announced a new PS5 firmware update will enter the beta testing phase for qualifying users later today, bringing many more features to the current-gen console. If you've been selected to participate, you will receive an email invite within the next 24 hours. The countries the beta update will be available in are the USA, UK, Canada, Japan, France, and Germany.

The plan is to bring the PS5 firmware update to all console owners later this year, with the headline addition being the ability to extend your M.2 SSD storage even further. Following the update, the 4TB storage limit is being doubled to 8TB.

In addition, a new accessibility feature allows you to assign a second PS5 controller to a single account. "This feature introduces a new way for you to enjoy games collaboratively with others or help a friend or child navigate a particularly challenging section of a game," the PlayStation Blog explains. Then, the PS5 controller's haptic feedback can be utilised at a system level, with vibrations linked to receiving notifications, booting up a game, and reaching the end of a scrollable list. "This optional feature enhances immersion and is particularly useful for players with some level of sight or hearing disability, who appreciate the additional feedback on their inputs."

At a glance, the new PS5 firmware update beta includes:

  • Support for larger-capacity M.2 SSDs (up to 8TB)
  • Use a second controller for assistance
  • System UI haptic feedback
  • Support for compatible Dolby Atmos-enabled audio devices
  • Party UI update
  • Share Screen preview
  • Join friends' game sessions easily
  • Game Hub tournaments tile
  • React to messages with emojis
  • Search for games in your library
  • Game Help improvements
  • New Discover features
  • Mute PS5 beep sound

Those of you who own Dolby Atmos-enabled audio devices can now also take advantage of 3D Audio through soundbars, TVs, and home theatre systems by enabling the option in your Audio Output settings on the PS5.

On the social side of PS5, the party UI now lets you invite friends to a closed party without needing to create a new group, while the Share Screen feature offers a preview before you even join a party. Joining friends' games should be easier now, and the Game Hub now supports a tournaments tile.

There are other ease-of-use features like the ability to search for games in your library and improvements to Game Help, but another important new feature is the option to mute the beep the PS5 makes when it's turned on or off, or put into Rest Mode. You can lower the volume or mute it entirely from the system settings.