Naraka Bladepoint PS5 PS4 Announcements 1
Image: Push Square

NetEase’s enormously popular mythical melee focused Battle Royale game Naraka: Bladepoint will finally slice and dice PS5 from 13th July and PS4 at a later date, as the game transitions to a free-to-play business model across all platforms. The title, which will feature full crossplay, will also usher in a variety of new content and features to entice newcomers and occupy veterans.

Among the new content is a fresh team-based mode named Capture the Spirit Well, where two squads of 12 gang up to capture key locations in order to earn points. There’ll also be a new Hero launching, Tessa, a “1,000-year-old fox demon who can charm her enemies and capture their souls”. That’s a direct quote by the way; unsurprisingly, she doesn’t look a day over 21-years-old to us!

As is the case with a lot of free-to-play games on PlayStation, you can expect an exclusive content pack purely for playing on Sony’s console, although there’s no word on what that will contain. A new weapon, which combines a spear and a dagger, will also be available to unlock – and, considering the game is approaching its second anniversary, you can expect various in-game events to celebrate.

This will definitely be worth checking out when it releases later in the month, then – it’s already attracted over 20 million players to date, so is coming to Sony’s systems as an established hit. Are you in the mood for a melee focused online multiplayer game, or would you rather cut your own wrists? Sharpen up in the comments section below.