Tsukihime PS4 West

Fans of the Melty Blood fighting game series may be familiar with Tsukihime, the adult visual novel that kickstarted the franchise — complete with an anime adaptation and other media — back in 2000. Telling the tale of a troubled young man who ends up dealing with all kinds of supernatural stuff, Tsukihime is often credited with being a landmark release in the visual novel space — and it's heading West for the first time ever in 2024.

Tsukihime: A Piece of Blue Glass Moon is basically a PS4 remake of the original title. Japan got it in 2021, over a decade after its announcement, and even then, it's only the first part of the remake project. Still, better than nothing!

It's worth noting that Tsukihime: A Piece of Blue Glass Moon does not feature the sex scenes that were present in the original Tsukihime. However, the remake is still rated 'Z' in Japan — the country's equivalent of 18 or Mature here in the West — due to violent imagery and adult themes. It'll be interesting to see what age ratings it receives overseas.

In terms of gameplay, Tsukihime is very heavy on player choice, with the plot branching out in different ways depending on your actions. Much like visual novels that push romance, your 'route' is often determined by which character you're cosying up with.

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