The highly customisable, retro-inspired Legend Bowl will toss a bullet pass to PS5 and PS4 from 9th August, with a fully-fledged Franchise mode to keep you occupied season-on-season. The gameplay – clearly inspired by the legendary Tecmo Bowl series – may have a throwback pixel art aesthetic to it, but it’s powered by real physics, allowing you to feel the impact of each hit and fumble.

And while there’ll be pick-up and play head-to-head modes available – both against the CPU and in local multiplayer – it’s the Franchise mode that promises to keep solo players occupied. “Pick one of the 32 unique teams to champion, and then take them through successive, complete, 17-week schedules,” the press release reads. “Manage your stadium facilities, team rosters and players’ needs, and face the grilling of the press on the news wire. There's also a complete off season where you'll take your team through retirements, free agency, player progression, and a full seven round draft.”

Everything in the game will be customisable, so you can change player names, appearance, and more. The title even features a full dynamic weather system: “Clear, cloudy, rain, or snow, you'll have to brave it all. On the field stat overlays, halftime stats, end of game stats, field art, live referees, chain gang, mascots, advertisements, fans and more get you immersed in the game and put you in the stadium!”

It’s looking like a good year for American football games, with Wild Card Football also due out on 10th October. And, let’s not forget, there’s a new Madden NFL right around the corner as well!