The name seems to get longer every time we see it, but we don't begrudge Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventures of Dai a thing. Square Enix has published a bunch of new information concerning the combat styles of our core cast of characters. In addition, Japanese media has shared a total of 16 minutes of new gameplay (thanks, Gematsu), although we still have to content ourselves with subtitles for the time being.

Along with our hero Dai, the playable cast of characters includes Popp, Maam, and Hyunckel, all of whom are known as Disciples of Avan, hand-picked heroes trained by the legendary warrior Avan himself. Dai, in traditional Dragon Quest protagonist fashion, wields knives and swords. He can use his Draconic Aura to increase his stats dramatically and is a master of the Avan Style Sword Technique.

Popp excels in employing ranged magical attacks and will likely provide much of the party's AOE firepower as a mage. Maam is a healer, but no slouch in the combat department either, thanks to her Magic Bullet Gun. Finally, Hyunckel was Avan's first apprentice and now holds a deep grudge against his former master, with the warrior dealing huge single-target damage with terrible blows from sword or spear.

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