It’s been many, many years since we first wrote about the Devil May Cry-inspired character action game Lost Soul Aside, but we do now get the sense that the China Hero Project outing is nearing completion. The evidence is, erm, evident in this off-screen footage from convention ChinaJoy, which looks a lot more polished than any previous showings the game has enjoyed.

The flashy combat system is still intact, but in this gameplay demo we get a glimpse of some beautiful environments; the backdrop appears to be some kind of ancient ruins, with large statues and monoliths overlooking the action. While this is off-screen gameplay footage, the visual fidelity looks great, and the performance seems slick and smooth – as is essential for this genre.

While it’s hard to surmise too much, it also looks like it plays well – but obviously we don’t have the controller in our hands, so it’s difficult to say for sure. There’s still no firm release date attached, although as we mentioned, we do get the distinct impression that it isn’t too far away now. Is Lost Soul Aside still on your wishlist, or has your interest in this once promising title subsided over the years?

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