Nacon and KT Racing announced Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown several years ago, and now, they're finally ready to show off a chunk of gameplay footage. In a 30-minute presentation, team members and influencers join rival racing factions, the Sharps and the Streets, to battle on the roads of Hong Kong Island.

Before that, we get a gameplay trailer that shows off the varied island location, with glitzy cityscapes, beaches, muddy tracks, and more. Afterwards is the aforementioned gameplay sequence, which sees six players racing to each team's headquarters, engaging in some very tame trash talk, and showing off the open world before getting into a proper event.

This is our first time seeing the game in action, and it looks, well, very much like we expected. It's very much in the same vein as something like The Crew — you're given a large map to drive around (a 1:1 recreation of Hong Kong Island), a multitude of vehicles to toy with, and countless events to compete in. Picking the Sharps or the Streets at the start of the game will decide your HQ, and victories will help your chosen team in the overall battle for supremacy. In your downtime, you'll be able to explore your base in first person and socialise with other players, although additional activities in these locations aren't really shown here.

TDU: Solar Crown is now scheduled for release in "early 2024", but if you're curious to play it yourself, a closed beta test will be taking place very soon. You can sign up through here, and a select few will be chosen to take part in the beta, starting 24th July and lasting for three days.

What do you think of Solar Crown's gameplay showcase? Are you excited to take it for a spin? Let us know in the comments section below.