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Image: Push Square

Disney Dreamlight Valley, with its live service content pipeline, is quickly shaping up to be a real contender to Animal Crossing’s crown – in fact, with this kind of update cadence, it’ll be difficult for Tom Nook to catch up when he does eventually decide to set up a new town. The cosy Disney-themed settlement simulator is getting a new update this week, adding an all-new recurring mode named DreamSnaps.

This is the first of the developer’s teased multiplayer offerings, and it’s effectively a weekly community mode where you need to take photos based on a specific theme, before ranking the pictures taken by other players. You’ll earn in-game currency for participating, with the winners of each competition getting additional prizes. It seems like a neat idea to us, and there’s no need to sign up for social media accounts or any nonsense like that – everything is handled in-game.

It’s not the only thing coming as part of v1.9, however, as Wreck-It Ralph’s Vanellope von Schweetz will be moving into the valley, and she’ll come with all of her Friendship Quests and unlockables. Disney Dreamlight Valley has been growing at an impressive rate – there are now dozens upon dozens of familiar faces to befriend, so if you haven’t got started yet, you may want to pick up a copy fast before it expands any more.

Of course, the developer is also taking this opportunity to roll out some balance updates – like reducing the repetition of duplicate items in Scrooge McDuck’s Store – while also optimising performance and squashing various bugs. This includes some rare crashing issues that occurred on the PS5 and PS4, so your experience should be much smoother moving forwards. If you want a full list of patch notes, you can find them through here.

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