As part of an overnight livestream, Sony revealed another PS5 title coming from its China Hero Project initiative: Dhaba: Land of Watermarks. It shall form part of the program's third wave of games out of the country, which also includes The Winds Rising from F.I.S.T. developer TiGames. Dhaba: Land of Watermarks is being made by Dark Star, which previously put out Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption. Check out the announcement trailer above.

As per Gematsu, here's an overview of the PS5 game: "Dhaba: Land of Watermarks is a new title from Dark Star. It tells the story of a humanoid clay puppet. When the world is on the verge of collapse, the puppet traces the whereabouts of the water fragments within the ancient city, and throughout their journey of defeating enemies and seeking answers, unravels the story of the world and oneself."

It sounds like the game will be structured a bit like Dark Souls, with "non-linear levels" that are "interconnected, distinct, and intricate". You'll visit the likes of "a magnificent ancient city, gloomy prison, vast rift valley, expansive snowfield, deadly forest, and a floating city". What are your first impressions of Dhaba: Land of Watermarks? Share them all in the comments below.