This Way Madness Lies is the next comedy JRPG from the vintage 16-bit crafters over at Zeboyd Games (responsible, amongst other things, for the excellent Cosmic Star Heroine). We got a look at gameplay in a Nintendo Switch centric gameplayer, with the launch date for a PS5 version to be announced "soon".

Players take on the role of Imogen, leader of the Stratford-Upon-Avon High Drama Society by day, and a Sailor Moon-style superheroine by night, capable of teleporting to alternate dimensions based on Shakespearian plays. Apparently, Zeboyd even included some kind of Ye Olde English to New English translator, which is where we imagine much of the fun will come from.

What do you think of This Way Madness Lies? Were you a fan of Cosmic Star Heroine and that game's take on sci-fi stick? Begin your wildly convoluted transformation sequence in the comments section below.