Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and in the case of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, it’s got SEGA’s legendary graffiti sim Jet Set Radio on lock. It’s actually incredible how closely this latest trailer reflects the look of the Dreamcast original: the fonts, the heads-up display, the animations, the shading – it’s an immaculate recreation.

The game’s coming out on 1st September on PlayStation platforms by the way, which is two weeks later than PC and Nintendo Switch – a small wait, but it could have been worse we suppose. The trailer description notes that the title will cost $39.99, which immediately strikes us as a little steep, although we’ve yet to be able to really appreciate the full scale of the package.

As long-time Jet Set Radio fans, we’re excited by the idea of this – although we can’t help but feel it looks a little too close to SEGA’s game for our tastes. Then again, it’s been over two decades since Jet Set Radio Future released, so it’s time someone resurrected the concept (of love) – although there are rumours of a new official entry swirling as well.