We're quietly excited for Atlas Fallen. This upcoming action RPG from Deck13 — creators of The Surge — looks to be shaping up nicely, as evidenced by this latest trailer. It focuses on the combat, which appears to be quite flashy but also fairly deep when you take its various mechanics into consideration.

You'll have access to several main weapons, and can equip two at once, swapping between them on the fly. Combined with various movement options, the combat looks quite kinetic. The core of the game's combat revolves around the momentum system. Represented by a blue bar below your health, this builds up as you land attacks on enemies. The more it builds, the more special attacks and effects you'll have access to. However, the more momentum you have, the more damage you'll take. This means you'll have to weigh up using some special attacks earlier or risking it for your most powerful options when the gauge is full.

On top of this, there will be various armour sets to find, each of which offer different stats and can be upgraded. Then there are more than 150 Essence Stones you can equip; these are essentially special moves that appear on your momentum bar once filled enough. There's lots of variety here to give you all kinds of options during fights.

Again, Atlas Fallen looks pretty promising — we're excited to get our hands on it when the game launches 10th August. What do you think? Make a sand castle in the comments section below.

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