Developer Asobo Studio, which put out the flea-ridden (but well-received) A Plague Tale: Requiem most recently, is hiring for its Plague Team, giving us a flicker of hope for future content in its grimdark medieval world. That's according to a job ad posted by the developer itself on LinkedIn, where it was promptly spotted and catalogued by ResetEra.

Asobo Stuitio

Requiem performed well both critically and commercially, and director Kevin Choteau said around the time of launch that there were no active plans for a sequel but that "the door is never closed", citing player feedback. It seems like whatever threshold needed for more verminous nightmare fuel was achieved, however, as Asobo Studio is hiring for the following roles on The Plague Team:

  • VFX Artist
  • Game Designer Senior
  • Senior AI Programmer
  • Senior Gameplay Animator

Of course, it's entirely possible the studio is working on DLC for Requiem or something else entirely, but nonetheless, we'd take another nibble at the cheese that is the expanded Plague universe. What did you think of Requiem, want more of Hugo and Amicia? Let us know in the comments section below.