ANONYMOUS; CODE is the sixth and most recent entry in the excellent Science Adventure series of surreal (and often extremely bleak) Japanese visual novels. The most famous of the series is Steins;Gate, a tragic story of time travel and otaku living in Akihabara that reduced this normally-stolid reporter to tears multiple times. We got a new trailer, which shows off the kind of meta-level wackiness one can expect in one of these games, detailing the game's "Save & Load + Hacking Trigger" mechanic.

In this world, an incident known only as the Sad Morning disaster occurs, where a coding error leads to the destruction of several major cities around the world, with another such event predicted in the near future by AI super-computer GAIA. The story follows a young hacker named Pollon Takaoka, who has the mysterious ability to save and load moments in time, much in the same way that gamers can load a save state. Further, Pollon believes that you, the player, are a hacker and somehow involved with this mysterious ability.

It's a pretty intriguing setup and one we will likely be diving right into when it arrives on Western PS4s on 8th September. What's your history with the Science Adventure series? Are you looking forward to ANONYMOUS; CODE? Get extremely nerdy in the comments section below.