Fast Travel Games has joined Bulletstorm VR in confirming a new game for PSVR2 alongside the news of a Meta Quest 3 headset. The publisher is bringing Vampire: The Masquerade - Justice, a first-person stealth game with a heavy focus on narrative, to PSVR2 at the end of this year. Check out the announcement trailer above, where you are likely to pick up on some heavy Dishonored vibes.

Much like other titles in the series, Justice is all about vampires, and this VR instalment has you play as one with some special powers. Creative director Erik Odeldahl sets the scene on the PlayStation Blog: "You play Justice, a vampire of clan Banu Haqim, who travels from New York to a dark and mysterious Venice, Italy to hunt down the perpetrator of their sire’s final death." The game will place a heavy emphasis on its story, but exploration and experimentation are both said to be just as rewarding.

"Regardless of your strategy, every step you take and undertaking you complete, will bring you closer to the center of the mystery, and allow you to grow in power to eventually become the most powerful vampire," Odeldahl adds.

While the game will also release for various Meta Quest devices, Fast Travel Games is still taking the time to optimise the PSVR2 version to take advantage of the headset's bells and whistles. It'll "make full use of the wide range of haptics to fully immerse you in the experience". Will you be adding Justice to your PSVR2 wishlist? Make sure you've got Blink in the comments below.