Twisted Metal, specifically the PS1 entries, were always intended to be dumb fun. It’s perhaps no surprise to see Peacock’s upcoming television adaptation take that direction, then. This clip, designed to introduce Will Arnett’s Sweet Tooth, shows the ice cream lovin’ clown beating up Anthony Mackie’s John Doe in a casino – but it’s a bit more light-hearted than you may have been expecting.

The reaction online, to put it politely, has not been good. Honestly, we kinda get the vibe the television show is going for, but it’s probably hard to communicate that in a single out of context clip. Still, we’re expecting this to be a slice of toe-curling television – it just depends whether you’re in the mood for something so singularly stupid that it’ll leave you questioning whether it even needs to exist.

The show will air next month, and we’re wishing the best of luck to all involved.