Animated show Transformers: EarthSpark is getting the adaptation treatment from OutRight Games, with Bumblebee set to star in a new action adventure on PS5 and PS4. The single player title – due out later this year – promises to “faithfully recreate the environment and feel of the ground-breaking animated series, as Bumblebee sets off on his own adventure to face a mysterious threat from his past and stop the series villain Dr Meridia from recovering missing pieces of an ancient technology”.

The press release mentions that you’ll be able to freely explore three “massive biomes”, and it confirms there’ll be appearances from the likes of Optimus Prime and Grimlock. “Deep levels of exploration and combat reward players for undertaking multiple playthroughs as they unlock a diverse range of upgrades and abilities that allow access to previous locations, and to discover secrets in previously inaccessible areas,” the blurb adds. “Unlock the skills needed to take down Decepticons with spectacular ultimate attacks and customise Bumblebee by selecting a variety of engine energy trails when in vehicle mode.”

We’ll be honest with you: the footage in the gameplay trailer isn’t exactly jaw-dropping, but this could be good throwaway fun. In fact, the press release mentions that great care is being taken to ensure this appeals to all age groups and abilities, and given OutRight Games is generally releasing more family friendly games of late, we suspect this may be targeting kids as well as long-time fans of the franchise.