Train Sim World 3 PS5 PlayStation 5 1
Image: Push Square

Train Sim World 3’s next major expansion, adding a modern version of Manchester’s iconic Piccadilly station as part of the Glossop Line, will incorporate a couple of new gameplay elements. While there’ll be the usual scenarios pertaining to actually driving the route, a couple of new experimental challenges will see you working as a guard and engaging in a spot of photography.

For those not familiar, guards are the people who walk up and down the train during a journey, answering questions and checking tickets. You’ll need to ensure everyone’s got the appropriate ticket for their travel in order to earn points, and also ensure the doors get opened promptly so that everyone can get on and off in time. You won’t, to our knowledge, have to deal with drunks, however.

Meanwhile, the photography mission will see you taking some snaps of the Class 323 which runs the route, with your best pictures eventually being used as part of a display within the virtual Manchester Piccadilly itself. On a livestream, executive producer Matt Peddlesden said he’s eager to hear feedback on the new gameplay elements to try to understand whether fans would like to see more of it.

The Manchester to Glossop expansion will release on 27th June, 2023, so you can test it all out for yourself in a few days. We’ll try to go hands on with it as soon as possible and bring you our thoughts, as we’re a few expansions behind right now and are due a big article on all the latest content that’s been added to the game.