Phantom Blade Zero PS5 PlayStation

Phantom Blade Zero, that upcoming PS5 action game looking almost too good to be true, might just have gotten even better, depending on your perspective. More details have been confirmed by the developers on the game's Q/A Discord server, including the fact that it won't feature microtransactions.

Each weapon will have its unique move set, with combos and techniques to master, too. Perhaps unsurprisingly, FromSoftware's infectious (and revolutionary) signature style of gameplay is cited as an influence, although the intent here is to remain approachable. To our ears, that sounds like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's implementation of Soulslike mechanics, and one we aren't opposed to.

We still have some lingering questions and could stand to see some uncut gameplay, but it's not often you see combat like that, and it's hard not to be impressed. How it all comes together remains to be seen, however. What do you think of Phantom Blade Zero? Pirouette into the comments section below.

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