Capcom Showcase

Capcom has announced the suitably named Capcom Showcase will be returning next week on Monday, 12th June 2023 at 11pm BST / 3pm PT to reveal roughly 36 minutes worth of news and information. The publisher hasn't confirmed what games will be in attendance, but based on its previous livestream, we'd expect this to be a relatively low-key affair.

With PS5, PS4 titles like Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective and Exoprimal releasing over the next month or so, it's presumed both will have a presence during the digital event. In addition, it would come as little surprise if Resident Evil 4 showed up here, either with another mention of its upcoming PSVR2 mode or the rumoured DLC based around Ada Wong. Dragon's Dogma 2 could also be a possibility, but since it was already featured at the PlayStation Showcase, it seems less likely. Stuff like Pragmata will almost certainly skip the show.

What do you hope to see out of Capcom next week? Share some realistic predictions in the comments below.