We’re approximately six months away from Christmas, so you shouldn’t really be thinking about ugly jumpers and mince pies. But we suppose Outright Games had to get word of its officially licensed Dr Seuss tie-in out early, and so it’s announced festive adventure The Grinch: Christmas Adventures for PS5 and PS4 today.

The title – scheduled to add to the madness of the holiday release calendar – will launch on 13th October and is being billed as a “festive platformer” for all the family. “You'll have to be sneaky to steal all the presents in Who-ville,” the official blurb reads. “Thankfully, the Grinch has some wonderful, awful ideas – like a stealthy Santa costume, a Candy Cane Lasso, and speedy snowboard to take on Christmas-themed obstacles in snowy locations.”

The announcement trailer doesn’t really have any gameplay, but the press release promises “visuals inspired by Dr Seuss’ illustrations” as well as a two-player mode where you can play as both the Grinch and his dog Max. This is coming from Outright Games, who has fast established itself as a publisher of family friendly licensed titles, so it could be a solid effort for kids over the Christmas period.

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