The Crew Motorfest PS5 PS4 PlayStation 1

Tons of PS5 footage from Ubisoft’s upcoming arcade racer The Crew Motorfest is leaking ahead of Ubisoft’s big livestream next week. The gameplay videos – which we won’t be reposting here for obvious reasons – include one showing over 25 minutes of uninterrupted footage from the release’s latest closed beta, which is taking place now and is scheduled to run through 9th June.

We’ve watched the videos and it certainly shares similarities with existing game The Crew 2, although crucially it looks like the PS5’s horsepower has sped up the user interface, which was notoriously slow in the previous title. Visually it looks tidy, even in this pre-release state, with the Hawaiian backdrop of O‘ahu adding some brighter, more vibrant scenery to the release.

There’s no firm launch date for the sequel just yet, but presumably we’ll learn more about that during the aforementioned Ubisoft Forward broadcast later this month. The French publisher had previously promised that the title would launch later this year, so expect a date to be locked in over the coming days.