The Callisto Protocol PS5 PS4 PlayStation

The Callisto Protocol is returning with a piece of story DLC called Final Transmission, which comes to PS5 and PS4 exclusively for all of 48 hours on 27th June. It will then come to all other eligible platforms on 29th June. Little else is known about its content or pricing, but we're sure we'll learn more in the days to come.

If that weird period of exclusivity alone isn't enough to entice you back, Final Transmission will reportedly serve as the "final chapter" of the game and tie up some lingering threads. It's also one last shot at reaching the extremely ambitious sales expectations publisher KRAFTON put on Callisto Protocol, which was billed as being an "AAAA" quality game, lest we forget.

Did you play through The Callisto Protocol? Does the prospect of some more closure entice you? Watch out for potential ambushes on the way to the comments section below.

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