Flock, from the creators of Hohokum and I Am Dead, looks like a super relaxing good time. Developer Hollow Ponds has just released a new gameplay walkthrough video, embedded above, and it just looks delightful.

The game has you riding around on a giant bird, flying around a colourful open world in search of strange animals. Whether playing alone or in optional co-op, your goal seems to be finding these creatures, taming them, and adding them to your flying flock. You'll find different animals at different times of day, and we see a good variety of them in the gameplay.

As well as collecting wildlife, the video also tells us about the flying sheep you look after. "You leave them to graze, they get woolly, and then you use the wool to make clothes," says artist Richard Hogg. Presumably you can use these clothes you create to customise your character, but this aspect of the game isn't explored in the video.

If you're after something chill to play with friends or family, this looks like it'll fit the brief perfectly. There's no release date for Flock yet — just that it's coming "soon" to PS5 and PS4 — but we think it looks pretty promising.

What do you make of it? Tell us in the comments section below.

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