The Grasshopper Direct 2023 showcase was held yesterday, and it was suitably chaotic. We were even purportedly shown Grasshopper Manufacture's latest video game, with eccentric CEO Suda51 apparently being passed out for the rest of the Direct-style sendup.

The 11-minute video celebrates 25 years of Grasshopper in a humourous fashion, with community managers James Mountain and Maddie Copp (cosplaying as Bad Girl) along for the ride. The skit in question shows a colourful pause screen with the main character blurred out while the developers milk the situation for the camera.

We also see a teensy bit more of the Shadows Of The Damned remaster, the announcement of which was something of a surprise in its own right. What did you think of the Grasshopper Direct showcase, and what do you think Suda51 is cooking up next? Let us know in the comments section below.