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Street Fighter 6’s first Battle Pass, or Fighter Pass as it’s known here, had been scheduled to get underway from today, 9th June. However, in a brief statement on the game’s official website, Capcom confirmed that the Early Summer Vibes season has been delayed indefinitely. “Currently, network instability is affecting all online features,” the Japanese publisher explained, citing this as the reason for the delay. “Once the new start date is decided, we will make another announcement. We apologise sincerely for any inconvenience this has caused our players.”

Earlier this week, the Japanese juggernaut also announced that it would temporarily be suspending in-game tournaments for the same network instability related reasons. “We've noticed that the online network is currently unstable, which is impacting all online functionality,” a similarly brief statement said. “Because of this we'll need to suspend any upcoming tournaments. The cause of the instability is currently under investigation and we ask for your patience as stability is restored.”

To be fair, we’ve had a rock-solid experience playing Street Fighter 6 online so far, so these don’t appear to be widespread issues. Obviously, the in-game tournaments and Fighter Pass are two of the title’s more ambitious features, however, so it makes sense for Capcom to delay them until it’s fully satisfied with the network stability. Still, we can’t help but wonder what’s included in the Fighter Pass – it’d be nice if it included a few new costumes, wouldn’t it?

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