Street Fighter 6 Push Square
Image: Push Square

Peak player counts on Steam last week indicated this would happen, but now Capcom has confirmed it: Street Fighter 6 is selling well enough to where it has already amassed one million players. The game isn't available on any subscription services, so this is purely $60 purchases. This sales milestone means the franchise has now surpassed 50 million units in total, and there's a new in-game gift for all Street Fighter 6 players to celebrate with.

The official Street Fighter Twitter account confirmed the news, stating: "Thank you for your continued support of SF6." In addition, the sixth mainline entry was the second-best-selling game in the UK last week, only losing out to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. 87 per cent of sales were for the PS5, PS4 versions.

No matter whether you're a seasoned fighter or a newcomer to the streets, our Street Fighter 6 guide will help you in the quest to reach the top.

As mentioned in our Street Fighter 6 PS5 review, this is "an absolute humdinger of a sequel. Capcom has created a fighting system that has all of the tactical depth professional players expect but managed to make it fairly easy for casuals to wrap their heads around. Not only that, it’s introduced smart ways to onboard newcomers, including a simplified control scheme and a great suite of tutorials, which even extend to the very enjoyable RPG-inspired single player story mode."

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