Sony has uploaded a studio profile video all about its PC porting developer Nixxes. Acquired in July 2021, the team has helped to bring a variety of PS5, PS4 titles to PC, including Marvel's Spider-Man and its side game Miles Morales. Right now, it's working on porting Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart to the personal computer for a release next month.

Check out the video above to learn more about the Utrecht-based studio. Lead engineer Coen Frauenfelder said: "What we provide for PlayStation Studios is high-quality PC ports and also working more and more in creating remasters. We do not create full-blown games but we focus on specialising in those specific areas." Systems programmer Alexandra Cunetchi then added how Nixxes gets to work on projects for roughly three to six months, rather than committing itself to the long development cycles of AAA studios.

"Nixxes is special for me because I get to work on a lot of diverse projects for a very short amount of time," she said. "In a normal game studio you would work on a game for... let's say, for seven years, while at Nixxes, we get to work on a project for three months, six months, maybe a year. And it's always a new project. It's always new technology and we get to figure it out. I think that is very satisfying." It's also mentioned how Nixxes rarely encounters a tough challenge developing on PC, and its employees gain satisfaction from owning what they work on.

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