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Update: Two is better than one – or so the saying goes. Sony has replaced the leadership at the top of its fledgling mobile gaming division with two co-heads, as spotted by infamous LinkedIn snoop Zuby Tech. Ex-Meta product manager Olivier Courtemanche will be joined by former Kabam bigwig Kris Davis in the role.

Kabam, for those of you who don’t know, is a massive, massive mobile gaming company, responsible for games like Disney Mirrorverse and Marvel Contest of Champions. It seems like appropriate talent to replace Nicola Sebastiani, then, who was headhunted by Sony to lead this initiative from Apple.

Original Article: Sony has been slowly building up a new division under its PlayStation umbrella responsible for bringing its brands to smartphones, but Nicola Sebastiani – a former Apple Arcade executive who was headhunted by the Japanese giant to spearhead the charge – has already left the company to “pursue a new, undisclosed opportunity”.

Sebastiani joined less than two years ago, and had a hand in the division’s acquisition of Savage Game Studios, a developer currently working on Sony’s first “AAA mobile live service action game”. Now, however, it’ll need to find a replacement to fill the veteran’s role as it seeks to get its fledgling smartphone initiative off the ground.

PlayStation is eager to get its brands in front of more eyeballs. Recently it’s launched a number of new initiatives, such as PS Productions which oversaw HBO’s television adaptation of The Last of Us. It’s also committed to bringing its exclusives to PC. The company believes that these tactics will introduce new audiences to its franchises, ultimately increasing recognition and sales.