Sony Cloud Gaming
Image: Push Square

Sony bigwig Kenichiro Yoshida has warned that there are still big challenges to overcome regarding cloud-based gaming, describing the technology as "very tricky".

In an interview with the Financial Times (thanks, VGC), Yoshida described some of the hurdles that remain, stating: “I think cloud itself is an amazing business model, but when it comes to games, the technical difficulties are high. So there will be challenges to cloud gaming, but we want to take on those challenges.”

Outside of major metropolitan areas in developed nations, cloud gaming remains difficult, with input latency, in particular, being an issue. Despite that, we know that Sony has "aggressive" cloud gaming plans to unveil in the coming months, with PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan remaining bullish on the subject.

It remains to be seen what these plans may be, so we'll just have to wait and see. Bullish or not, the shift to our inevitable cloud-based future won't be rushed, as infrastructure needs to catch up, and as Kenichiro points out, there are still a few kinks to be worked out. What's the internet like in your local area? Run a digital sprint into the comments section below.

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