Sonic Superstars is the next game starring SEGA's mascot, and it's taking things back to 2D — albeit with three-dimensional models instead of pixels. While it looks like a lot of fun in its debut trailer, there has been some concern among fans that the game's physics may be closer to Sonic 4 than Sonic Mania, or the hedgehog's 16-bit classics. As it turns out, those fears can be put to rest.

The side-scrolling Sonic titles everyone loves have a particular feel, affording the hedgehog noticeable momentum while travelling down slopes or hitting ramps. This allows you to fling the character around each level like a pinball, if you know what you're doing, and it feels great when you get into a good flow. When this gameplay style is missing, you really do feel it, which is why 2D segments in most 3D Sonic games are lacklustre.

Fortunately, it sounds like Superstars is aiming to ensure parity with the feel of the older games. Over on Twitter, fans have been making direct comparisons between the upcoming title and the Mega Drive titles, and you can tell it's practically identical. Here's one example:

Sonic's jump is almost frame-for-frame the same in this comparison. While there are extremely minor differences, it's clear that Superstars will uphold the gameplay that fans know and love. Christian Whitehead, who spearheaded creation of the Retro engine in which Sonic Mania was developed, has chimed in to confirm what's being picked apart here:

So, essentially, Superstars will feel nigh identical to Mania and the classics. If you were worried the game might have its own spin on how Sonic handles, well, you needn't — it's sticking to the formula.

Our very own Liam Croft — who is hardly a fan of the series — went hands on with the game last week, and even he came away feeling good about it, so we're hopeful this will be another win for the hedgehog. Are you excited for Sonic Superstars? Dash into the comments section below.

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