To the casual observer, Sonic Origins Plus looks like a pretty neat package, with some nice retro additions, a bunch of DLC, and even a new character included. The big draw here is the inclusion of the 12 Sonic titles released on Game Gear.

Gameplay has inevitably leaked ahead of launch, however, and some fans have already taken umbrage with the unfortunate state of the collection's audio presentation. Over on Twitter, errorickplus demonstrates the difference between audio in Sonic Origins Plus and an emulator:

It's been theorised the reason for this is that the audio was put in stereo mode despite being originally released in mono. This gives the audio an echoing, tinny effect that is kind of grating. Changing the setting back with audio software appears to rectify the issue, as kirisamemofo so keenly displays:

How are you feeling about Sonic Origins Plus, days out from its 23rd June launch on PS5 and PS4? Break the speed of sound on the way to the comments section below.

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