Samurai Shodown Rollback Update Delayed

Just in case you had forgotten (because we certainly did), Samurai Shodown was meant to be getting a significant update this spring. Said update would implement rollback netcode, supposedly fixing the game's somewhat shoddy performance when fighting online against other players.

SNK's samurai slasher is really good fun, but its lasting popularity was crippled by the aforementioned netcode, which even today, has a tendency to be incredibly spotty. However, in a surprising twist, the developer announced that it would be bringing rollback to the title four years after its release, in an attempt to revive the game.

Unfortunately, the wait continues. SNK has confirmed that the update has been delayed to "late summer" — but at least it's still happening! The company reiterates that it's "fully commited" to the long-awaited update.

Have you been waiting on Samurai Shodown's rollback patch? Would you be tempted to go back to the game when the update finally drops? Keep your sword sheathed for now in the comments section below.