Apple Vison Pro 1
Image: Apple

If you've been near anything remotely capable of an internet connection today, you've no doubt seen Apple's ludicrous-looking foray into the world of expensive, wearable tech. It's called the Vision Pro, and at least according to Tom's Guide, it's pretty awesome. And incredibly pricey, too, retailing for $3499 USD and releasing "early next year".

Compared to that, PSVR2 at $549.99 doesn't sound half bad, does it? You could have six of Sony's hats for that price, with more than enough change left over for something like Horizon Call of the Mountain.

In another fun aside, it has been noticed that the UI for the device has more than a little in common with a certain now-defunct Sony handheld device. Gone, but not forgotten.

In typically grandiose fashion, Apple isn't marketing this thing as a dedicated VR or AR headset but rather referring to it as a "standalone spatial computer". It will have over 100 Apple Arcade games at launch but isn't really positioned as a gaming device, and more as the future of communication or whatever.

While Apple could potentially doom us all in a rogue AI, SKYNET-esque apocalyptic scenario someday, they undeniably deserve the benefit of the doubt when it comes to game-changing tech. Perhaps you've heard of the iPhone; if not, Google it on your iPhone.

What do you think of Apple's Vision Pro? Is this thing a PSVR2 competitor or simply the measure of one's disposable income? Remotely log into the comments section below.