Chrono Trigger remains perched upon a JRPG pedestal all these years later, virtually unrivalled in terms of reverence. In a reality in which we already got a Final Fantasy VII Remake, there really is nothing else in that realm more deserving of the remake treatment. Until that happy day finally comes, we can at least better imagine what it would look like, thanks to the work of talented 3D pixel artist Dott.

In the recreation (above), we see the iconic Leene Square recreated in glorious HD-2D. For those that were there at the time of Chrono Trigger's initial launch (1995 on Super Nintendo), seeing the simple transition between what were formerly separate screens is a sight to behold.

What do you think of Dott's interpretation of Chrono Trigger? When does the inevitable announcement come? Dare to dream with us in the comments section below.