Arashi: Castles of Sin has been announced for PSVR 2, and it looks kind of incredible. If you've ever wondered what Ghost of Tsushima might look like in VR, we'd bet this would be a fair approximation. No word on a firm release yet, but coming in Fall 2023,

The tale it tells, however, doesn't feature ravaging Mongol hordes. You play as an assassin named Kenshiro, tasked with silencing the Six Oni of Iga, a brutal bandit ring spreading chaos across Feudal Japan. Utilising a wide variety of sharp and barbed implements and tools, you must infiltrate their conquered castles and townships. Combining award-winning stealth action and advanced AI, hunt from the shadows with your canine companion, Haru, a very good boy.

If you've been looking for something meaty to really push your fancy new hat, this could well be it. What do you think of Arashi: Castles of Sin? Scale the wall into the comments section below, and smoke bomb out if you encounter trouble.