Park Beyond
Image: Push Square

A 2-hour trial for PS5 theme park management sim Park Beyond has popped up on the PlayStation Store, which PS Plus Premium subscribers can download right now. It might just scratch that particular carnival tycoon itch we all get from time to time; the urge to fleece ordinary people out of their hard-earned dollars with overpriced hot dogs and exhilerating rides of dubious maintenance.

Park Beyond looks like the spiritual successor to Theme Park we've been waiting for, and so you'd best believe we'll be looking into the creation of some physics-defying death traps. There are few things more satisfying than watching graphs populate in real-time, and thankfully Park Beyond looks like it allows for as much bean-counting and nitty-gritty management as it does creativity on the attraction front.

Will you be checking out the PS Plus Premium trial of Park Beyond? What's your history with these kinds of management sims? Raise the price of entry in the comments section below.