PS Plus 1

Another 10 games will be removed from PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium next month, meaning you won't be able to play them even if they are downloaded to your PS5, PS4 storage. Titles are generally cycled out as a list of new games enters the subscription service, so the following will probably be taken out on 18th July 2023. The 10 games in the Last Chance to Play section are:

PS Plus 2

With this heads-up now published, you've got roughly three weeks to get through any of the games you are interested in up above. That's enough time to complete maybe two or three of them. Obviously, there are some very significant titles included here like Stray and the entire BioShock series, so you'll want to prioritize those if you haven't played them yet.

Later today, Sony will announce the July 2023 lineup for PS Plus Essential, so you won't have to wait too long to find out a couple of the games that are replacing those listed above. What will you be focusing on before the deadline? Let us know in the comments below.