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It seems like no currency is sacred when it comes to the increased prices caused by the ongoing cost-of-living crisis and rampant inflation in much of the West. That includes Fortnite's intangible, in-game currency, the might V-Buck, which is set to increase in price in select regions.

Players in Canada and the UK will need to fork over increasingly less-valuable real-world currency to keep up with Fortnite's latest fashion trends. Mexico, meanwhile, is actually getting a teeny price cut, so that's something.

We'd have thought V-Buck's might be immune from such fiscal turmoil, what with it being made-up money, not backed up by fiat, state, or economic institution outside of Epic itself. Premium currencies allow companies to extract additional cash from players in, if not a respected fashion, at least one which gamers tolerate, but this latest does seem slightly beyond even that Pale.

Announced hours ago on Fortnite's website, the price increases come into effect in just a few short weeks. Prolific Fortnite leaksmith iFireMonkey has the breakdown in a more readable format, which sees price increases of several Canadian dollars and British pounds, respectively, in some cases.

The largest quantity of V-Bucks on offer (apparently offering the best value for money) is 13,500 of the things, which will now cost players in these regions CAD $119.99, BPS £69.99. That's up from CAD $106.79 and £63.99, respectively.

What do you make of the real world's inflationary effect on on the all-mighty V-Buck? Find someone to mind your physical currency for you in the comments section below.

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