It's pretty common to see PlayStation's top execs jetting around the globe, checking in on their first-party teams to see how things are progressing. While Kojima Productions isn't technically first-party, its upcoming game Death Stranding 2 will be published by Sony, so it makes sense to see Jim Ryan paying a visit to the Japanese studio.

Here's Uncle Jim with Kojima in the team's famous entrance:

They're wearing matching jackets! Isn't that sweet.

Presumably, as mentioned, Ryan is on a flying visit to see how development is going on the sequel, which we still know very little about. It was announced just over six months ago, and all we've really had since then are confirmations of which celebrities will be appearing in the game. Elle Fanning will be joining the likes of Norman Reedus, Lea Seydoux, and Troy Baker, though little is known about her role.

Are you excited to hear more about Death Stranding 2? Do you think Jim Ryan even knows the release window for it, or is Kojima keeping him in the dark as well? Discuss in the comments section below.