PAYDAY 3 will score its biggest haul yet from 24th September, as Starbreeze Studios has slapped a release date on the title at long last. The co-op shooter sequel has been a long time coming, but it’ll only cost $39.99 when it finally does arrive.

It should be noted there’s no mention of PS4 for PAYDAY 3, so we’re assuming that version has been cancelled, but we’ll check with the developer to try and get confirmation.

The press release reads: “PAYDAY 3 takes players to the city of unlimited possibilities: New York City. The Payday Gang, consisting of Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf, and Chains return from retirement, and find themselves in the Big Apple after an unknown threat appears, shattering the illusion of peacefully living on the right side of the law.”

It continues: “In PAYDAY 3 the choice is in the hands of the players. Choose your equipment, your skills and your approach. Each heist will play differently depending on the choices you make. Play heists with elegance, as in Ocean’s Eleven, or go toe-to-toe with the security services, as in HEAT. Each playthrough is unique and full of action and tension!”