E3 2024 2025 Cancelled Sony 1
Image: Push Square

Update: Well, then – a twist! After the Los Angeles Tourism Department listed E3 as cancelled in 2024 and 2025, a representative for the ESA has said that no decision has been made.

A representative told Axios’ Stephen Totilo: “ESA is currently in conversation with ESA members and other stakeholders about E3 2024 (and beyond), and no final decisions about the events have been made at this time.”


Original Story: E3 was dramatically cancelled this year, after PAX organisers Reed Pop failed to reboot the embattled convention. At the time, the Entertainment Software Association – which has been responsible for the event since its inception – refused to rule out future iterations entirely, even if its future had been looking bleak for quite some time.

Now, however, information shared by the Los Angeles Tourism Department suggests there’ll certainly be no show in 2024 or 2025, as a footnote in a presentation points out that E3 has been cancelled. The ESA had previously booked the LA Convention Center for the weeks beginning 11th June, 2024 and 3rd June, 2025 respectively, but it looks like those shows will no longer go ahead.

It’s not a particularly big surprise after E3 2023’s cancellation, although it’ll certainly come as a disappointment to those who prefer the razzmatazz of the old LA convention to Summer Game Fest and its associated livestreams. Geoff Keighley has already promised his live show and associated Play Days event will return in 2024, so it looks like we can expect more of the same next year.

Let’s hope when Sony does eventually decide we’re deserving of another PS5 showcase that it actually gives us a few more first-party games, eh?

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